rtc chat

Browser-to-browser chat application + rendevouz service written in Go. Two users, wanting to establish a direct connection between their browsers, only need to agree on a secret word. It's that simple.


rtc chat client is a Web application that makes use of WebRTC to allow two devices to talk to each other in true peer-to-peer fashion, even if they are both located behind NAT's.

Signaling is https encrypted. P2P encryption is based on DTLS-SRTP keying (RFC 5764).

rtc chat runs on Firefox 22. Use Firefox 25 on Android.


rtc chat server provides three services: Web server, signaling service and a STUN service. This makes rtc chat 100% selfcontained. Clients will not contact any other servers.

rtc chat server is small: less than 450 lines of code. Installation is easy too. Single binary executables are available for: linux-amd64, linux-386, linux-arm, darwin-amd64 and windows-amd64. Anyone should be able to run this service - and if only for them selves.

Source code: github.com/mehrvarz/rtcchat

New release: rtc chat v2